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About DA2A.com --

DA2A.com goal is to support the building/builders of the Davis DA2A/B and derivatives aircraft. The Davis DA2A is one of the few aircraft that can be built with a minimum of tools and skill. The designer designed the DA2A to be light yet carry it's own weight in payload, most of his designs would. This site will feature;
  • 1. User Forums/Message Board is for the exchange of useful information on building and flying the DA2A type plane
  • 2. User area for uploading images and descriptions of members projects, the images can be viewed by member project or searched on by category or name
  • 3. Parts project, a detailed list of all the parts for the plane with links to purchase and a means to generate a shopping list (BOM) for assemblies
  • 4. The drawing project was to be a means to get the latest updates to the plans and enhancements -- this is on hold until we can reach the current plan owners
  • 5. The link project is for links relating to the construction and flying of the DA2A
  • 6. News Letters announcing events and featuring builders stories.
  • 7. Mailing List support - list-subscribe@da2a.com will start the process of subscribing to a moderated list server WITHOUT Ad's! Were moderating the list to start with to weed out the hackers/trolls
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